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Lanett, AL

[Verizon] Swapping with my dad

I have 4 phones on my account: mine, my GF's, mom's and dad's. I have unlimited data on my phone only but don't really use it. I want to give the unlimited data to my dad but he keep his phone (he will be buying a used smartphone off ebay or something) and I'll keep my phone and just pick up the 2gb plan.

I believe I can do this by playing musical chairs with phones but the problem is he and I are several states away so at some point I'll need to ship a phone to him or me I think. Is there an easier way to do this?

I assume it would be easier if I had all phones in my possession and do the swap and then send the new phone to dad once it's done. He is OK with this as he has another cell phone he can use in the mean time.

It should go something like this right:
Move my current number to his new phone
Move his current number to my phone

I also want to change numbers on our two phones (neither of us live in the area code our numbers are currently set to, and we don't want people calling/texting the wrong person because they forgot to update our numbers), but this can be done after the musical chairs.

Is it really that easy or an I missing something here? Just want to make sure I have all the details worked out before I attempt this and run into something else that leaves one or both of us without service and/or lose unlimited. Thanks.


Sunnyvale, CA
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I did not know that you could move numbers on Verizon phones.

But what about getting a Google voice number and use that as your new main number then you will never be limited by what your providers rules are?

As for your plan being easy not compared to SIM card phones.

Lanett, AL
Yeah, I think it should be no different than doing an upgrade with existing phones. I do have a GV number already so I could do that. In fact that's one of the reasons I haven't really used it yet is because everyone has my "real" number. Now would be a good time to start using that and not have to worry about what the "real" number is going forward. Thanks for that reminder!

I'll still need to change numbers though as I don't want to get calls for him and vice versa. I don't know about actually swapping numbers (me keep my old number and he keep his), but that's not really an issue as neither of us are living in that area code anymore and don't plan to move back (and I knew we can request new numbers, I've already checked out that page of the My Verizon site).

Yeah, you're right about SIM card phones. I loved that with my old Nextel phones. Had an i90 after high school and got an i850 from my cousin and a swap of the SIM card was all that took to "upgrade" lol.

Crusader 25
Junction City, KS

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