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Brighton, TN

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Very tough to troubleshoot issue-Network guru's please help!

I am losing my internet connection on average about once a day, but the "outage" only lasts about a minute, then it comes back on its own.

This started around the same time as I put in my USG50. I'm not blaming it, but I can't rule out the coincidence.

We are a heavy internet usage family, and although its fairly reliable, its turning into a real nuisance.

I do not believe its an ISP DHCP renew issue, as it doesn't happen at the same times of the day, and it may not do it every day (or at least I don't notice).

At first I thought it was a DNS issue, so I added OpenDNS servers to the list of the USG50's DNS. Still happens. It happened to me this morning at about 7:45am. The last time I noticed it was two days ago at about 6:45am.

Its hard to troubleshoot this issue because by the time I get on it, it comes back up!

The only info I have right now, is I have some software called "visualroute". I did a trace to a server at work, and caught it this morning, and according to the software, no replies were being received from hops after

The only other clue I have is in the Zyxel firewall log, there is an entry at the same time that matched the default rule that blocked a connection from the OpenDNS server.

Anyone have any thoughts?

-EDIT- Opps...forgot my network config: Its a really simple network, consisting of a WRT54GL (my former router than the USG 50 replaced) turned into an access point, ZyXel GS1124 switch, USG50 router connected to a Arris TM722 cable modem. ISP is comcast. I also have a Zyxel NSA310 NAS device, running web and ftp server, so I have firewall rules allowing ftp and http access to the NSA (which is on the same LAN as my other gear). All other ports blocked, including ISP broadcast noise. When it happens, all clients lose internet connectivity, both wired, and wireless. I don't think its my firewall though, as my ftp and web access works perfectly from off site.


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Burlington, ON
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Brighton, TN
I wish I could delete this thread, so as not to give anyone the wrong idea...

I am starting the think my issue was ISP related, and no fault of the USG50. I believe it was just coincidental the issue started a few days after putting the USG50 in.

I did load the newest firmware for the USG50 last night "just in case", but my connection has been fine now for the past week or so, and I had not changed a thing, less the firmware update last night.

So consider my issue resolved....whatever the cause was, guess i'll never know.


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Dartmouth, NS
Thanks for the feedback Alan! Good to close out a thread.


Brighton, TN
Its baaaaaccckkkkkkk.

I'm only reviving this thread in case some network guru's have any thoughts. I'm 99.9% convinced its an ISP issue though.

I created a new thread in the comcast section here at DSL reports to see if anyone over there has any ideas.

I wrote a batch file that I could quickly run when the issue comes up, My batch file pings my modem (on the WAN side of the USG50) and then pings the ISP gateway (my first hop). When the issue came up, I COULD ping the modem (proving traffic is moving from LAN to WAN and back on the router), but the gateway timed out. Once the issue cleared the gateway started responding to pings again.

For more info (in case you can help) my new thread is here:

»momentary internet issues-help..

Thank you,



Brighton, TN
One final update to my thread here. It is DEFINITELY ISP related. I figured before I start raising hell, I at least had to attempt to eliminate my equipment as the source of the issue.

I reluctantly pulled the USG50, and put my WRT54GL back in just as a test since this issue came up shortly after putting in the USG50.

Within minutes of putting the WRT back in, my wife was complaining about the internet on her ipad again, and I happened to be logging pings to my modem and ISP gateway at the same time on my wired connection, and sure enough...ISP gateway was timing out. Once her ipad started working again, the gateway started responding again as well.

Problem is definitely ISP.



These things do happen from some weird ISP.

I had similar problem a few years ago. The ISP provided a gigabit Ethernet connection (bandwidth is restricted to 100M) to my home directly (no login required). I noted the WAN light of my Zywall keeps on blinking even though I have no computer connected. Firewall logs show nothing, no one try to flood me or something. Then, my Zywall suddenly dead, I cannot even ping or login from the LAN side. Rebooting the Zywall will resolve the issue. But after a day or so, the Zywall is dead again. I end up terminated the service after the contract.

Another bad experience was with a cable tv connection (no login required). Standard browsing/pinging behind the Zywall was fine. However, any traffic via the VPN tunnel is 50% loss. i.e. if you ping 4 packets, 2 packets pass thru, 2 packets loss. It was so annoying that I didn't use the service at all.

In both case I cannot complain or blame the ISP because standard browsing is perfectly fine.

After that, I only subscribe to stable or famous ISP, even though their price may be a bit higher.