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Re: [POLL] Do you use Java; disable it; or uninstall it ?

Yes, I do use Java on several of my computers, but a single Yes/No "Do you use Java on your computer?" question is really insufficient, since there are many uses for Java besides its use as a remote web site programming application.

One of the local uses I have for Java is an http interface to an ancient HP print server; although since Oracle took it over from Sun, Java is so slow and unreliable, that it often makes using it painful. So painful that I no longer use it as a VNC client (as was formerly my preference), and I have also started using telnet to the HP print server for the same reason (security isn't the only reason that Oracle's Java sux).

As for Internet usage of Java, my primary browser is SeaMonkey and I also use NoScript so that Java is blocked by default unless I allow it. The Java executable is also blocked at the firewall level except for LAN usage unless I manually override that as well.
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