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This is a sub-selection from Rolling the Dice

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Re: Rolling the Dice

I'm contemplating using an upgrade I purchased, but am also considering waiting for taxes to be done first, and possibly go with some newer hardware first.
My current rig has a couple of totally random issues which I'd like to correct first.

As for the software, the metro has no place on my desktop, but I'm glad that "Classic Shell" exists, and does what it does (skips it on startup - you go straight to the regular desktop if you want, and puts in a "normal" start menu if you want).

I'm disappointed about the lack of inclusion of all the file system features that server 2012 has. The OS is otherwise Vista 3.0, by and large, tweaked not to suck.

One very interesting app for Metro, however, is Netflix, for example. Runs like total crap on some machines. Supposedly, the Metro App has no problems in these cases (google AMD Brazos netflix HD) - it's actually BETTER, due to skipping the use of Silverlight. The app seems to be one of the better examples of the use for Metro. Not quite enough to convince me of its real usefulness, but an interesting example.. where Silverlight HD Netflix is flat out unusable on some low end platforms, it works perfectly fine in app form where it can bypass the need for Silverlight.