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reply to Anon

Re: Is this some kind of joke?

said by ITALIAN926:


I know he probably won't respond to this post but here's some good reading:

The whole "pirates spend more" BS is hillarious. I have like 2000 DVD's and CD's in my collections, if I was like YOU, Id have a tiny percentage of them, if any at all. If the RIAA and MPAA thew in the towel, and all copyright laws were reversed, you make it sound as if this would increase their profits ! lol omg.

I know for the sake of morals, when pirates download an entire Season of Dexter, and like it, they then go out and buy the real thing, not burn their own copy, right? LOL. Not that "liking it" has anything in the world to do with it.

The most Righteous breed of humans in this world are Copyright Infringers, thanks for clearing that up.

I'm not sure where you're getting these conclusions from. I don't watch TV and any movies I want to see(very rarely, hollywood = narcissistic garbage) I go see in theaters, just a couple times a year. My 300Mbps FIOS connection is 99% full 24/7/365, 100% legally so even if I had a reason to download something illegally I wouldn't have enough bandwidth left over LOL.

Try again?