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[TIVO] Thinking about Tivo with Verizon FIOS

Is it worth getting TIVO with Verizon FIOS TV? I had FIOS TV years ago and the guide was awful.

We have 6 TV's in the house. I'm thinking about getting 2 TIVOs and 4 regular HD boxes for the house.

We watch a lot of NetFlix so rather than swapping to AppleTV to watch NetFlix it would be great to watch directly through TIVO.

I know we won't get on-demand FIOS TV through the TIVO box but can I purchase pay-per-view events online and watch on the TIVO box?

What are the positives and negatives of having TIVO with Verizon FIOS?

Any thoughts are really appreciated.

More Fiber
West Chester, PA
Search is your friend. There was an extensive thread on this recently.
»[TIVO] Anyone regret getting TiVo?
There are 10 kinds of people in the world; those who understand binary and those who don't.

Thank you for the link.

Currently I have Verizon double play for phone and internet. I'm paying DirecTV $150 a month so it makes a lot of sense for the triple play.


Fort Mill, SC

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reply to Tivoquest
2 TIVOs and 4 HD boxes with have you paying a fortune in Fees.
As well as researching TIVO there are other options which might work as well or even alongside.
Note Netflix works well with Roku or XBox360.

Just this CES SiliconDust announed they will be releasing new firmware for their HDHomeRunPrime cablecard readers. This new firmware will read 4 separate channels simultaneously and be HDLA compliant.his means any end device (from a PS3 onwards) attached to an HD TV will run live Tv etc.
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sir didymus
Snohomish, WA
reply to Tivoquest
said by Tivoquest :

I know we won't get on-demand FIOS TV through the TIVO box but can I purchase pay-per-view events online and watch on the TIVO box?

When the FiOS sales rep mentioned that I'd be "missing on demand" to me when I was hooking up, I responded "I won't be getting it, but I won't be missing it"

The cablecards work great. The fee is also under $5/mo instead of paying $20/mo for the "DVR receiver fee".

I've had a TiVo on FiOS TV for some time and the TiVo was the one thing keeping me loyal the Frontier acquisition in WA (Seattle is "rural" according to Verizon, but I digress). I did just decide to hop over to Dish, but that had less to do with the Hopper than it did with Frontier's newest huge price hike to their "loyal customers".


Stow, MA
reply to Tivoquest
I love it (tivo+fios). Like you say, no PPV, but we don't miss that. My wife and her daughter occasionally want to watch a movie, but they can order netflix movies billed to my amazon account and works just as well...