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There's sand in my tool bag
reply to beachintech

Re: DHCP/DNS issue, ever seen this?

said by Minvaren:

I'd check/tweak the DHCP relay settings on the wireless controller first. Also, look for any address pools defined on it with that subnet in scope - might be getting used as a default somewhere.

Best part is this controller doesn't really have any, it's on or off. I hard set the proper DNS settings in the controller (previous was getting it via DHCP), hoping to solve the issue, no joy though.

said by H_T_R_N:

Static set in the alternate configuration settings?

No, this is happening on about 400 machines. I've checked a dozen of them with nothing present. I can take them to a different school running off another control with a similar config with no problems.

said by tubbynet:

also look for dns redirection in the meru config.
i've not dealt with meru -- but cisco equivalent can masquerade internal network information and set it with the virtual interface information (generally the wlc does all translation on box after the traffic gets there through the capwapp tunnel.


I will check again - this system was put in before I started so I am still learning the complete ins and outs and nuances of this system. Cisco is what I am familiar with and this isn't it.
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