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New York, NY

Only Secure Web Sites on Wimax

Some months ago I was having a problem on my Millenicom BYOD Sprint account on the Clearwire Wimax network, with most sites failing DNS lookups. Dib22 suggested I install Acrylic and use a different DNS server with port 5353. Since Sprint intercepts DNS lookups now on their Wimax service, he also recommended that I verify that I was hitting another DNS server by running the GRC web page DNS Spoofability test, which I did successfully (I picked the two Open DNS servers).

Some weeks after I did that, the problem returned, even on the Open DNS servers, so I gave up, figuring I had misdiagnosed the problem. Some weeks after that, the problem disappeared, apparently because the network problem had FINALLY been fixed, whatever it was.

This morning I'm having a similar but different problem. I can load no sites but those with the secure https protocol. I can sometimes fool the connection by changing the protocol to https even for non-secure sites, but it's still a rather flaky hit-and-miss thing. And, like the problem I had last year, it is immediately resolved by disconnecting and reconnecting, only to eventually return an hour or so later.

Now when I had the original problem, dib 22 had first asked me to check to see whether there was a correlation between secure sites being reachable and insecure sites not being reachable. I did and, at that time, there was no correlation; now, clearly, there is.

Under the circumstances, I'm going to switch my Acrylic back on later today, and start using the Open DNS servers on 5353 to see whether the problem goes away.

In the meantime however, I was wondering if any of you are experiencing similar problems with any of your Wimax connections, either through Clear, Millenicom, or directly through Sprint. So I'll be posting this message in all three places. Hope that's okay, and thanks.