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Gloucester, ON
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reply to J E F F

Re: Why Do you stay?

said by J E F F:

#1: DSL in my area is a joke, 1.8meg max.
#2: I currently receive 70% off of my cable.

No other reasons. Tho with satellite, when it rains it pixelated the TV.

I am debating leaving Rogers all together tho, cable only thing holding me back, I still want some stuff. Though if more apps come out for Apple TV or LG such as apps for commercial stations like Fox, CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, etc, I'll part way. I can put an antenna in the attic for local programming.

For that one can sub to a VPN and stream off of their cites.

I currently have a 25% discount. If they offer me something equal or better I might stay with Rogers . I only have the one service as well as wireless so I am not sure they will do something for me.