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Re: Doors

said by robbin:

I'm curious how you would remove a hinge with the door closed?

For an outswinging door, the hinges are exposed, right? The hinge pins (even in security hinges) are your weak spot - a 5# sledge and a halligan bar will pop the pins in 2-3 hits usually. If, for some reason you can't take the pins, you can always just cut the exposed portion of the hinge off, pin and all. Even with security pins/bolts in the hinge; the door is fairly easily popped - you only need about 1/4" of movement to clear the pin.

Don't get me wrong - the techniques for forced entry I know are effective, not subtle... Pounding with a sledge and halligan, cutting hinges, using a K-tool or slide hammer to remove deadbolts, etc are going to attract a LOT of attention. I'm trained to get in fast, not quietly... LOL