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reply to timtom

Re: Comcast tech was not happy

said by timtom:

Who cares. I told you few times. Call dish/directv

Except this is for high speed Internet and Comcast is the only game in town (other than VZ DSL, which is much slower). If I pay for a service, I should have a reasonable expectation that it will function properly. If Comcast cannot or does not want to fix my service, then they should give me a discount to make up the difference. Comcast Internet is good when it works but getting them to fix anything is a pain in the butt. And there is obviously a problem when the neighbor approaches the tech and his supervisor. And the supervisor had the attitude that it was a different problem and she needs to set up her own truck roll. They just don't want to fix the issue. And the commonwealth of Massachusetts has a warranty of merchantability law, which means if a merchant/service provider offers a service, then the customer in exchange for giving their money has a reasonable expectation that the product or service functions properly and as advertised.



move to dsl . i do not want to see how you cry all the time here. ypu are one of two people on this forum who have issue with comcast all the time. Maybe it is user error not comcast. AS I said do not like it disconect service and move on.