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Lansing, MI Area - Horrible latency/packet loss 9PM-11PM

So, I've noticed the last week I've been getting really bad latency, pinging google goes from 100ms up to 800ms max and about 1% PL. Which makes this service about useless for gaming.

Things were great when I first signed up in November, it's just been down hill since the new year. Anyone else seeing this?

So Saturday night things were fine the whole night, we'll see how Sunday goes.

Well it's back. Monday night and now Tuesday night. 10PM sharp, pinging my gateway at

Minimum = 11ms, Maximum = 1397ms, Average = 216ms. 2% loss.

Looks like yet another ISP has oversold as we see horrible prime time bandwidth and left their customers high and dry.


Utica, MI
reply to tch1337
Don't ping your gateway, ping a site like google that doesn't prioritize and drop echo requests.

I pinged google as well, with even worse results. I was also gaming at the same time and watched the PL/Ping get ridiculous.

During the day I can ping the gateway all day long with consistent 11ms replies.

Modem/router power cycles didn't work. Haven't complained to WOW yet, but I figure they won't be much help.

Any ideas or just oversold bandwidth do you think?