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London, ON

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Re: A summary of How Teksavvy has failed it's customers..

I really don't understand these fan boys. 1st of all, Teksavvy's position is very clear, they will release their customers' information with a court order and they will not contest.

Without contest, it meant they will not even ask if the IP address was just a unlucky draw from a lottery box.

What upset me is although I never won anything more than $10 with all the 649 tickets I purchased but I do not want to end up as one of the winners of their unlucky draw.

I don't make $400,000 out of this mess and I sure don't want to be one paying part of that $400,000 in the future.

One last thing is, I don't care how long an ISP will keep their logs but I care if that ISP will stand up for my privacy and will fight those who're trying to invade it.