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Lawrence, KS

Uverse Internet vs ATT DSL

I just switched on 12/29/12 from ATT DSL download at 3 meg to Uverse 3 meg and then upgraded to 6. The billing nightmare has begun but that is another issue. I take online classes through Kansas State University, watch lectures online on my laptop connected by ethernet and download lectures through wireless to my tablet. Everything worked fine through DSL. Monday I went to watch a lecture and it continuously stopped to buffer and then timed out. Downloading to the tablet was incredibly slow and also eventually timed out. I did get one download by babysitting the tablet for an hour and a half for a 30 minute lecture. I called tech support two nights in a row and spoke to techs who told me all lines check out and did speed tests on my laptop, 3.8 download and .92 upload. Last night, Friday 1/11/13 a tech came to my house, switched out the modem and checked everything, upgraded me to 6 meg but left with the lectures still not working for me. This morning I logged in about 9 a.m., watched two lectures from beginning to end, downloaded several lectures to my tablet, about 7 minutes each for 30 to 40 minute lectures. All is well, a miracle was performed overnight? Nope. About 11 a.m. downloads started creeping. I left and returned about 3 p.m., lectures on laptop time out immediately and again, downloads to tablet take 1 -2 hours of babysitting. I'm beginning to think the infrastructure in my neighorhood won't support the activity, that as the day goes on more people are awake and using there tvs and computers which knocks my capacity below what it should be. I'll be up first thing in the morning to test my theory and I expect to be on the phone with the devil by early afternoon. I think I'll be cancelling Uverse and trying to get my DSL back. Not happy and will pray my billing problems don't get any worse.