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[INTERNET] Random ping spikes

Hey guys, I'm in lower Hamilton near King and Sherman on the Ultimate 30 package. For the past year or so my internet has been stable and happy, so of course I noticed when a few days ago I started to get these short ping spikes on my connection. It happens at all times of the day, and started occuring on January 8th. We had an internet outage around 2:40AM and it happened a few times over the course of the morning. By 5AM or so everything was fine again... except I started to notice these spikes. Randomly when I'm surfing pages refuse to load, but I especially notice it when I play games online, randomly I'll just be frozen for a good 30 seconds waiting for the connection to settle down.

I have reset the modem and tried removing my switch/router from the equation. I have tried to find a pattern to the issue but it seems to be totally random, sometimes I don't even notice it and sometimes its almost unbearable. It almost seems like something happened on Jan 8th that messed up my connection. Was there a modem update or anything recently? Any advice to try and track down this problem? My modem is a DCP3000, don't know if there is an admin page or anything I can poke into.


I have had issues for months now, buffering with video and audio that causes choppy streaming. Cogeco has been on site twice this week with no resolve. I removed a brand new router (installed my cheap old one) and while the wireless has slightly improved the wired connections remain unchanged with intermittent cutting out but speed is good @14mbps. After 15 years with Cogeco I may have to change service. I am on the Turbo 14.

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PM me your Modem MAC and I can take a look for you!