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Fort Erie, ON
reply to Guspaz

Re: New Quebec Class Action against Bell, Rogers, Telus, Fido

said by Guspaz:

but Rogers is charging AT&T an obscene per-minute rate in return. Why? Because they both get massively inflated profit from this.

If you think AT&T is taking a loss on the 35 cent/minute Canadian roaming they charge their customers compared to the $1.45 it costs a Rogers customer here to roam in the US, you've got another thing coming.

Furthermore, if you think Rogers is paying more, not less, than Public Mobile to their American partners for roaming, you're also off your rocker. Rogers obviously pays less on volume alone. Everything extra is pure profit thanks to the lack of realistic competition in this country and to think anything otherwise is beyond naive.


Mississauga, ON
reply to Gone
said by Gone:

said by Guspaz:

Does the phone think it's on TELUS (and show that as the network) when it's in the US? I mean, unless AT&T's towers are advertising themselves as TELUS, I don't see how this could be a problem.

It has nothing to do with AT&T and everything to do with how Telus' PRL treats AT&T.

As I own a Telus phone and have been to the US multiple times with it, I can say with certainty that the phone will display that it is on AT&T once it gets out of Telus range and into AT&T's towers and will warn you multiple times that if you use data at that point, you will be subject to roaming fees.

I had celluar data turned off and had no surprises on my bill when I returned to Canada (I only used the phone on wifi hotspots and wifi networks)

The next time I hit the US, I intend to buy a T-Mobile SIM and sign up for a per day data package while I'm there.



reply to Guspaz
said by Guspaz:

Compare the roaming rate for Fido prepaid in the US, $2.00 per minute.

Pretty ridiculous compared to the $0.25/min it used to be when I originally started using Fido 12 years ago. Back then, even prepaid was billed by-the-second and $10 vouchers extended expiry by 60 days.

It is pretty sad how much worse they have gotten since then.

At least we have hope that IP messaging and VoIP will eventually put enough pressure on carriers to force a sanity check on SMS and voice rates.