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Hilo, HI
reply to chachazz

Re: All versions of the Java plugin are blocked

Mozilla is two faced. Fx 10.0.12 ESR is STILL OFFICIALLY SUPPORTED so how come they didn't disable it on this version also? They say this:

"How to use Java if it's been blocked

In order to protect you, Firefox has stopped the Java plugin from running automatically because it has a security issue. However, you can still use Java on trusted sites if necessary. We'll show you how."

»support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/how ··· r-a-site

They say nothing about which versions of Fx it has been disabled on.

Why are they disabling it if you are using the latest version? Instead, they should be checking for how you set the slider. If the slider is at "high" (medium is default) or at "highest" Java accomplishes the same thing Mozilla is doing. There is NO NEED for Mozilla's grandstanding if the user is using the latest version of Java with the security slider set to high or highest.
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