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Re: Why we are not opposing motion on Monday.

said by d_source:

If I were one of the people affected, i definitely wouldn't rely on that! I'd have my own lawyer in there for sure! I'm not even with TSI and I am going to support the funds being collected to stop this mess. It NEEDS to stop on Monday.

what funds? i wasnt aware we could help donate for this cause?


Mississauga, ON


Toronto, ON
If people want this to be the last time Voltage pulls this trick in Canada just brand them a vexatious litigant:

»en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vexatious_ ··· litigant

It can be done in Quebec, not sure if Ontario has a similar set up, but at least the Frenchies would be safe. I don't know how many of these 1000's of John Doe's will end up in court, but we all know that nearly none, if any at all, committed commercial infringement as claimed by Voltage. So nearly all of those that end up in court will be either dismissed or reduced to infringement for personal use. After a dozen of those fishing expeditions that led to nothing are on record in our courts, lawyers representing future defendants should be able to ask for dismissal outright.

I have a feeling Voltage knows this, they just want to get the precedent for having the ISP (Teksavvy) cough up the name without a fuss. Either that or they thing our judges are really, really dumb.