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Re: Remember that's an average

My 50Mb test I posted was taken on the corner of NF Blvd and E. Robinson. Amherst seems to be the only town with the occasional burst of insane LTE speeds. Which is surprising. I would have thought all the kids at UB would be sucking the towers dry. Speeds in the city and in the south towns are disappointing. Down south in Silver Creek, Dunkirk/Fredonia I can get 15-20Mb down. Down in Lawtons in the middle of nowhere there’s a VZW tower right on RT 62, never been able to hit higher than 8Mb on that one. I have yet to get anything about 8Mb on the upstream.

Out here in Marilla, we have no 4G service, when heading north, LTE fades out a little south of the 400 ramps on Transit near the West Seneca/Elma boarder and it’s not seen again for a while. 3G speeds aren’t bad actually, I get around 0.5-12Mb down, when I actually have 3G. Right now I’m stuck in 1X and the signal is poor to barley acceptable for voice, but the same can be said for AT&T and Sprint.

Personally, I’d rather use my own cellular data connection then even think about using wifi. Public wifi is, well just icky! When I had Sprint, I had a USB modem, infact it’s still active, and with Verizon I also have a USB stick for my laptop. I would never in a million years connect a device that contains my personal data on a public wifi network. When I was in Ohio over the summer, I connected to Sprints wimax network and had excellent luck streaming video. Screw that free hotel wifi junk! Even when using smartphones and tablets where maleware isn’t a concern, I do a lot of banking and other account management on my phone and tablet and want a more secure connection. Even at home, the only time I really ever use wifi is when I share out media on it to my TV or home theater receiver via DLNA. Even if I have a few app updates, I’ll let the updates download on slow 3G or the snail 1XRTT network. I don’t really use my phone much at home, so I don’t care if it sits there and downloads at 6kbps for the next 6 hours.
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Agreed on the Hotel/Public Wi-Fi deal. Even if security were not so much of an issue, the fact that the connections are either horribly slow or broken has pointed me to use a cellular modem to connect which worked fine.

What you get as you check LTE service is about what it is for me. As I head North, LTE service starts to fade in and out and speeds decline a good deal regardless of distance to the tower. LTE service here despite having 4-5 bars 3G and 1X gives us 3-4 bars LTE which goes away for hours at a time. When it comes in, the highest it ever goes is 5Mbps/1Mbps. Granted we are in an "Extended LTE" area as they state.