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London, ON
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reply to UnixMan

Re: [Cable] Peak hours SUPER slow!

said by UnixMan:

You are very welcome! Sorry for my aggressive tone but the problem is really annoying.

I'd be mad too. For me, if I started to see less than 15 - 20 mbps on my 28 plan I would start to think about my options. But do file a ticket. TSI has said before they track these things and do put pressure on for the last mile to be fixed if the problem is found to be there. People do need to complain so that they can establish a pattern.

Bottom line is there is no evidence of throttling by teksavvy as some have suggested. There are however bottlenecks. Usually it can be found in the last mile. Sometimes it's further along. That peak time congestion thread is interesting because it definitely showed bottlenecks in their international routing. It should be noted that the people in that thread interpreted the problem as congestion, not throttling.

For those complaining of fanboism: There is nothing in this thread that would help the community troubleshoot your problem(s). You need to give people something to work.

Helpful things would be location, modem type (docsis 2 or 3), results of speed tests from different times of day. Bonus points for tracert, ping tests and which DNS server you are using, and posting teksavvy's response to your tech support request.