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Re: "Envelope on Door" Identity Theft Scam Attempt

said by Snowy:

Too bad the press release didn't include the 800#.
That would have been helpful.

This is interesting... I don't know if it's the same number but...
2 Dec 2012
They didn't call me. Left a door hanger on my front door saying to call and be prepared to give my account #. Name only said Mortgagor. Don't have a mortgage on my house.

6 Dec 2012
Today I came home to find an envelope in my door that didn't say much other than "IMPORTANT: Call this number and be ready to give your account number." I called & it says it's a debt collector, but you can't talk to anyone until you give your account number or ssn. I refused to do so. I know I am in good standing. I called the real Bank of America. They couldn't explain it and said it could be fraud.

6 Dec 2012
worst process ever!!!
Caller: b of a left a note on my door.
Call Type: Debt Collector

18 Dec 2012
We haven't been receiving any phone calls, but we keep getting these manila envelopes on our door. The first time we actually saw a strange woman come up to our door (tiptoeing - what is that all about??) and, without knocking, put this official looking envelope on our door knob. She then got in her car across the street and watched out front door for an uncanny amount of time. After she left, we opened the door and read the message. It was very generic. It has the date handwritten, it says "IMPORTANT", and there are two lines to write in a name and number. It said "BOA" (Bank of America we assume) and had this number to call, 800-669-0102. No explanation of what it could be about. It says "Please be ready to give your account number."

I just came home today, over a month later, and low and behold, there is another envelope. The message inside is again handwritten. This time it says "Mortgager" rather than "BOA". I finally decided to Google the number on the card and that is when I came across this forum. I am extremely concerned after what I have read and thoug it was import to share our story for you too. This is definitely some kind of scam. BE CAREFUL!!

28 Dec 2012
I HAD a mortgage with CW then BOA. Used to get calls from this number. Haven't in a long time. Came home from work today to find a manila envelope with "Important Please Call. Hand written is 'Homeowners Assistance' then 800-669-0102. Now here's my kicker. They aren't ALLOWED to contact me for any reason (unless I contact them first) as this mortgage was discharged in bankruptcy in 2010. Think I'll contact my attorney & check into sanctions against them.
4 Jan 2013
I received an envelope on my door today to call the number. I dialed *67 first in order to block my number. You cannot speak with anyone unless you give your account number or social security number. They identify themselves as Bank of America, then say they are a debt collector, but they are not. This is a scam. I called Bank of America and reported it. They have no knowledge of this phone number. Bank of America is going to investigate. This is fraud. DO NOT call the number; instead, report it to Bank of America.
Jim note to readers: *67 does not block your phone number to 800 numbers.