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West Tenness
reply to Trencher

Re: Is this some kind of joke?

said by Trencher:

The Avengers was one of the most pirated movies last year and yet is the 3rd most successful film of all time. Hollywood had another record year last year actually.

Game of Thrones is one of the most pirated TV shows last year. It's also one of the highest rated TV shows on cable.

Radiohead is one of the most successful bands of the last 20 years and yet they released their last album for free online and only made it optional to pay whatever you wanted. They made a ton of money off of it and sold out their concerts.

Times are changing.. Unfortunately we have to drag the entertainment industry kicking and screaming into the 21st century as the consumers of the future are no longer willing to be ripped off by the Producers of movies, music and TV. There was a time all we could do is sit back and take it up the butt.. But we no longer have to. HBO creating HBO Go is proof they're slowly moving the way we want them to and Netflix proved that if you offer content at a reasonable price people will pay (I subscribe). If you want to continue paying what you pay for Blu-rays and CD's then all the power to you, just don't bitch at me when I don't.

I'm pretty sure that Wal-Mart loses more money from employee theft than any other company in the US and yet is still one of the most successful companies. Therefor using your logic it's ok for employees to steal.


Etobicoke, ON
But that would require me to be stealing.. I'm not stealing.. I'm copying. If those employees went home and made their own toothbrush that looked and worked like Walmarts then we'd be in the same ballpark.