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Don't Waste Your Energy
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reply to BlitzenZeus

Re: Which nVidia cards support 3 independent displays?

said by BlitzenZeus:

A cheaper option would be to use the onboard video if you have one since you would only use one monitor while gaming.

That's what I do with three monitors and Windows 7, and it works great. My GTX460 handles two monitors, and onboard graphics does the third. Last night I was playing a game, watching NFL, and doing voice chat. The Intel HD3000 video built in to the core i5 processor is more than adequate for the third monitor.

I do recall I had some trouble getting the third monitor to work. I had to enable onboard graphics in the BIOS, install the driver, and make sure "Intel HD Graphics Family" appeared in device manager.

Burnt Out Cynic
Unless I'm connecting something like a room hdtv to an existing two monitor system I wouldn't bother with a 3rd, I already have to use a large folding table as a computer desk for my two large computer monitors.

Watch out when updating the nvidia drivers, when it refreshes the drivers without a reboot it might leave all your monitors black, and then you're stuck guessing if the setup completed properly. On a very similar system this happened, and I had to wait until I thought it was completed, then I had pressed the power button to trigger the soft shutdown in the operating system. On startup the drivers were updated, but it was clearly the fault of nvidia's driver refresh method which even turned off the monitors attached to another gpu.
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