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Reading, MA

[Northeast] ONT ethernet port works with PC, but not routers

I'm waiting for a re-connect of service to my existing FIOS ONT.

This morning while doing laundry I noticed that the "FAIL" light, which was previously blinking, is now off...

Out of curiosity, I connected my laptop to the ethernet port of the ONT... It obtained a typical looking VZ IP and I was able to go around to internet sites... I ran a speed test as well.

Assuming the service is now active, I plugged a cat5 cable from the ONT's ethernet jack into the WAN port of my VZ Actiontec router... all lights green, but it will not obtain an IP. Power cycled the router... still no IP. Tried a Netgear router... no IP. Back to the PC... got IP and it works.

Is there some required initial setup that I must go through to get the ONT to provide an IP to whatever I plug in to its ethernet port?

Just wondering if I have some how inadvertently paired it with my laptop until the VZ tech arrives to run through his initial steps...

I have not power cycled the ONT.

This is mostly just curiosity, the installer is due here within 3 hours, so I will wait for him/her to show up at this point, but it would have been nice to just have it start working and be able to tell them they can take a long lunch or something

Lakeland, FL
The PC pulled and IP and is locked for 2-4 hours to the mac address of the PC

Just connect the router, in a few hours the lease will expire and the router will connect fine


Reading, MA
reply to bemis
I waited ~2 hours, plugged in the router... still no IP. Power cycled the ONT... still no IP.

Installer showed up with a Rev I router, that got an IP right away... so whatever was wrong is fine now... He was in and out in 15 minutes and 10 of those minutes were fighting to get the new router to line up with the screws on my backer board for mounting

Happy again with 50/25 and now Rev I Actiontec