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Wilmington, DE

[Exede] How often does Exede Usage Counter Update Online

I know it can take up to 24 hours for a refresh of usage activity to updated, but what is the usual frequency? I've been doing quite a bit of activity and they account hasn't refreshed and it's been 24 hours.

Also, when i sit on the modem page i see bytes being sent and received even if there's no real network activity. Does the modem have regular chatter with the satellite network?


Goodwater, AL
The online Exede counter updates about every 15 minutes...but it has a 100MB resolution...you will see no change until either your download counter crosses over 100MB's or your upload counter crosses over 100MB's...

I run RealityRipple's wildblue gadget and set it to retrieve counters every 15 minutes...if you do a large download you'll see it update about 15 minutes later.

The bytes you see in the modem menu counters when you're logged into the modem menu is the bytes used to refresh your browser display...

We measured the bytes used by the modem to stay locked to the satellite and it averaged out to about 1MB/day...
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The Wildblue FAP meter usually takes 1 to 2 hours to update, but it varies. When you transfer large amounts of data, tt tends to update faster. Sometimes it updates at 12 hour and 24 hour intervals.
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Wilmington, DE
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yeah, i see my usage has increased, but the good news is, i thought i was using alot more than i was i guess. on .2 download increase and no upload increase.

are there any types of traffic exede doesn't track? since they are supporting voip service in the near future i would think they wouldn't count UDP traffic against the cap. this would allow for unlimited phone service. who would want phone through them if it went against their data cap?