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London, UK
reply to gunther_01

Re: [Bus. Ops] Are you an Wireless ISP looking for more revenue?

said by gunther_01:

Why does it have to be a "scam" when it works

Because the definition of a scam is not "you get bent over a barrel and end up in the gutter", although that might be the stereotypical view of a scam - e.g. the person that loses all of their savings. A scam is simply something that is done "less honestly", lets put it that way.

I suppose the thing that irks me about this system is the irony, the massive blatant irony. Lets take one comment that really says it all:

It is your network, don't let others profit off your customers!

So, whos making profit out of your customers? The very guys who are telling you that you shouldnt be letting it happen!!!

How much are they making out of this compared to you?

said by gunther_01:

Real money, for next to nothing

Except your soul.