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Glendale, AZ
reply to signmeuptoo

Re: Reddit co-founder Aaron Swartz found dead.

said by signmeuptoo:

Speaking as a bipolar person who has been treated like shit because of it, I can tell you, people readily exploit you once they know you deal with a mental issue like depression. Some get their jollies with it. Some just take advantage of you. Clinical depression is pure hell, and being sad isn't depression, sadly, the folks that most need to understand are the quickest to dismiss...

Some people are going to treat you badly anyways. Your own makeup determines how you react to it.
I went through some depression years ago. Everything went wrong at once. Some people cared, some people did try to use me but would have anyways with or without depression, most didn't care one way or the other .
Thing is those that saw a chink and the armor and went for it would have gone for any weakness. Heck no weakness and they were still going after me.
Just when you are seeing things in a skewed perspective you do not handle things as well. So really you can not say they are going after you because of BP , depression etc. Probably going after you anyways. Plus because of your skewed perspective may not be going after you as much as you think or as personally as you think.
In this case they are fighting a case and it looks good on their track record. Doesn't matter who it is or what if any problems they have. Just think the public wants to see them fight this case to make them look good.