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reply to skeechan

Re: Next gen hardware, your stuff is always old

said by skeechan:

I don't see why everyone gets their panties in a bunch when hardware vendors release their new hardware. New stuff comes out all the time and you are going to be pissed because you bought Ivy Bridge when obviously Intel will release new processors afterward? Why would it be any different for a phone or tablet? New cars come out every year and some are completely remodeled every few years and they cost 20-100X what the handsets, tablets and other hardware costs yet people don't blow a gasket over it.

Buy hardware knowing it will be "old" in 6 months.

and now you see why there are still windows 98 users
windows 2000 users
windows xp users
windows vista users
windows 7 users
and now you have shiney windows 8 and wonder why it aint doing as well....
tell me what reason do i have to upgrade from windows 7 64 bit to windows 8 other then your trying to rip me off for cash
NO really