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reply to skeechan

Re: Next gen hardware, your stuff is always old

said by skeechan:

I don't see why everyone gets their panties in a bunch when hardware vendors release their new hardware. New stuff comes out all the time and you are going to be pissed because you bought Ivy Bridge when obviously Intel will release new processors afterward? Why would it be any different for a phone or tablet? New cars come out every year and some are completely remodeled every few years and they cost 20-100X what the handsets, tablets and other hardware costs yet people don't blow a gasket over it.

Buy hardware knowing it will be "old" in 6 months.

ill add people that buy game consoles are idiots
YES utter idiots
why buy JUST a game machine whenmy pc does all your game machine can and guess what I CAN PHYSICALLY take out a grpahics card say my gtx640 and put in a quadro 6000
then i can play music
watch videos
WHICH the above two can also be done with the latest updateable codexes for video and audio thus again im updateable
then i got ability to not only have opensource applications for free BUT i can write my own or if im lazy buy commerical ones
then i get to chat and use it like a telephone and even can stream via somehting like netflix OR even create my own video games , music and applications

BOY can i buy a console for the same price now? BOY being smart isnt that hard....try it get a bang for your buck we in canada still have a blank media levy....

Ai Otsukaholic
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...Because the entire console costs less than a decent video card these days and unlike most other hardware in the marketplace consoles supported for 6+ years. Try playing any new PC title with a 6+ year old PC on anything other than its lowest settings. Sure, you can keep it up do date by throwing an endless supply of money at it but that is my point; PCs are "old" as soon as you get one together. There is ALWAYS a next gen display adapter or processor around the corner. My i7-3770 is already old news and it's what, 9 months old? Haswell will be here to obsolete it in a couple of months. The PS3 is 6 years old and going strong and the XBOX 360 now 7. More bang for the buck from consoles. Sure the PC gaming experience is better, but not 5-10 (or even more) times the price better.


Ills add multiplayer gamer experience is in console better (as long as you're fluent with joystick, going from keyboard+mouse to game pad sucks. It's difficult to control, shooting games the hardest when u have only experienced players playing even on most basic combat training levels.


reply to funny0
To play with friends. Plus game consoles are cheap so its not like its putting you out any to buy one and the occasional game unless the person is poor.