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Tavistock NJ

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Re: Lance Armstrong confessing doping to Oprah

said by Blogger:

Armstrong doped, cheated and lied. Some people are upset strictly about that. But too many others are really upset not with that but are angry because Armstrong was also the best rider ever that won on a level playing field and he is an American.

Just my two-cents worth.

The whole bicycle racing sport used drugs. And almost everyone knew that. The wonder was how Armstrong cheated as well, but kept passing the drug tests. As long as the drug tests didn't catch all the cheaters, the incentive was there for all the riders to cheat. Too bad too, because taking these drugs has long term health issues for the riders.

Just proves how stupid many athletes are who risk their health for some big money. But then, like the NFL players, whine about it in later life when the real costs come due(re: NFLPA lawsuits against NFL).
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