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reply to LLigetfa

Re: [Bus. Ops] Are you an Wireless ISP looking for more revenue?

said by LLigetfa:

I wonder if that could/should be extended to the use of other DNS services regardless of whether or not you derive revenue from it. I use Google DNS mainly because it is so much faster than my upstream provider's DNS. Does that mean I need to inform all of my hotspot users that Google is mining data from their internet use?

No google is a trustworthy company if they did something really shady they would face legal action. I use googles dns for my third dns server as a forwarder as well. (First upstream, then level3, then google)

This DNS service is extra shady and its clear from the email that prairiesky received I sure wouldn't trust them.

Im starting to get the feeling many of you guy's don't even have a privacy policy or AUP and people here are just winging the whole being an internet service provider thing.

When the guy running this decides he has enough providers using his service and the amazon thing isn't making him enough and he rips off your customers through a fraudulent way way have fun explaining it to your customers.

edit: I just noticed your running a hot-spot, This isn't the same type of business.