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Santa Monica, CA
·Time Warner Cable
reply to davidhoffman

Re: Future content producers.

The content owners will determine the distribution methods of the future, unless there is regulation requiring them to make their wares available on some form of wholesale / most-favored-nation pricing scheme. (Sorry to disappoint, I'm not calling for said regulations.)

HBO, Universal, et al, are not interested in your version of the future. Big business is looking to maintain and enhance existing revenue streams - obtained at $15/month ($5+ net) through fixed contracts. They understand predictable rents, not many-to-many relationships.

They are not, I repeat not, as yet interested in doing direct-to-consumer stream sales. The middle- and last-mile and the technology are simply not ready for prime time, and the network-neutrality nonsense only makes it worse, since they can't buy assured delivery.

Yes, there are instances where streaming-based direct sales would work - but not for the majority of the market. No one is going to break from the middle.