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Placentia, CA

U-Verse vs DSL: What's the basic difference:

I've had AT&T DSL for a long time without too many complaints. Now that I'm streaming movies I'm being impacted by the low DSL download speed in my area, 2.6 Mbps. I had an online chat with AT&T support. I explained my problem and asked if I could upgrade DSL. He said U-Verse is available in your area, so go with that. I said no, I had no intention of dumping Dish, just want faster DSL. He said "that's not available in your area." So, how can that be? I mean, U-Verse is being sold as being fast, and AT&T made a big splash in our area when they pulled fiber optic cable. I know they did not pull optical cable to our lots since the telephone lines actually go under my back yard. And I've watched neighbors have U-Verse installed and it seems that all they did was install boxes and hook things up. My guess is the closest optical cable is about 5 blocks away and they use existing copper from there to the modems. I also suspect they're compression the signals, reducing picture quality with U-Verse.

What's the truth?