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[Signals] Strange signal levels

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I had a truck roll on Friday. Tech said there were some plant issues but after calling Comcast they said the ticket was closed. Unrelated to my broadband issues, I rearranged my bedroom and I moved the TV into the corner where the modem sits so my mother (when she is working on my computer) does not have Fox News or Music Choice (she cannot stand Eminem or Rhianna) blasting at her when I am lying on the bed and it is now easier for me to see and hear as well. So I had a 25 foot jumper given to me by a contractor so I cut it into sections as I now only need 2 six foot jumpers as the whole contraption is right next to the cable outlet (TV used to be on the other end of the room and the modem was in the corner) so I cut the wire and put new fittings on it. It happened to be RG6 quad-shield and it was supplied by a Comcast contractor when I went back to Comcast for TV (I think in-house techs use standard RG6). So I hooked everything up and checked the signal levels on the modem and I noticed strange numbers. I think one of my wall plates may be bad as I had a hard time attaching one of the wires. But the signals are different on different channels.

The questions are:
1. Is such a wide range of signal levels are a sign of a bad connection.
2. Is it possible the contractors and in house techs use different wire (RG6 or RG6QS).

I do this for a living

Dover, DE
1. no. 2db delta is acceptable. its impossible to sweep it that thoughly.

2possibly, but shouldnt matter. its whatever a warehouse gets.
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reply to IowaCowboy
I have ~4db (power) between my 705 and 747 mhz channels. Not ideal, but it has given me no problems.

Newtown, PA
reply to IowaCowboy
As long as the channels are all within spec (roughly -8 to +8 [I've seen -8 to +10 quoted in places]) you should have no problems.