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Question(s)/help with configuration of Netopia 3347-02-1006L


I currently have a Westell 6100 with a linksys 601 and I recently got a Netopia 3347-02-1006L and I'm starting to set it up so I can use it at home residential DSL which is my BellSouth DSL (ATT now of course).

My questions are on the setup and configuration on the Netopia 3347-02-1006L and wireless security.

The firmware is 761r9 so hopefully the GUI interface is not reset to the simple/basic version.

I'll change the VPI 8 and VCI 35 and the connection information namename@bellsouth.net and the password.

Is this the only thing that I would need to change to make the connection to DSL on the Netopia?
Also, is this anything needed to lock it or secure it at this point?

Next the wireless - I would like to use it the same way I'm currently using the Linksys 601 by locking down the access with a hidden SSID and only allowing MAC addresses I allow by configuring them in.

Again is this the only thing that I would need to change to make the wireless connection on the Netopia work and to be secured at this point?

If there is anything else that I should do on either the main setup for DSL connection and the secured wireless please let me know - any help would be appreciated.

I'm sure there might be or will be more questions that I will have.

Thank you in advanced

Fort Lauderdale, FL
The basic configuration you describe is all you need for the DSL portion. It may even auto-detect VPI/VCI for you, but if not, you have the correct values. You should assign a strong modem password - don't leave it at the default setting.

761r9 is the most recent firmware, and I would not expect any more to be forthcoming as that model is end of life.

On the wireless side, the SSID can be hidden if you wish and you can restrict connections to known MAC addresses.


Mine was a 3347-02-1006L with firmware 761r9 and I left the auto update on. It updated to the 3347-02-1022 firmware 7.8.1r2. That was 2 years ago and it's still working fine. I have turned the auto update off because I was not sure if I would get more updates that might brick it.



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PS Don't forget to find your DSL password from your Westell 6100, so you can put it in the 3347-02-1006L.


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Thanks everyone - I'll see if I can try it this weekend and post an update.