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Photocopiers a major breach of privacy

Have you ever used a photocopier? Virtually every digital copier made since 2002 has a hard drive that stores a copy of your documents and these hard drives are hardly ever scrubbed and easily accessible. Watch this video. It's worth a few minutes of your time.

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A Matrix Ant
United State
Yeah, and old news too. However, it is still good to know about this.

Fairfield, CA

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Old news, bad journalism.

A digital copier can be ordered with security kits that can encrypt the whole drive, or "secure erase" temporary files, or use SSL to communicate with the network. They can even be ordered with removable HDDs to lock them up in a vault after hours.

The copier will also overwrite the temp files on the HDD even if no security kit is installed and should be set to delete files after 24 hours unlike the particular Toshiba models in the CBS piece where they were set for scan to HDD and set to retain the files for 2 weeks or more. Also these days very few are set to scan to HDD for collection, rather the files are sent to email servers, or SMB scanned to PCs or servers and are not retained on the copier.

There are security kits that can also control where scans are sent to prevent the files from being sent out of the company, prevent the reproduction of scanned files, prevent unauthorized printing from those files (password protection for the files) and more.

The digital copier does not "archive" the documents it prints or scans, so how would thousands and thousands of sensitive documents be retained on an 80GB drive that also has the copier system software loaded on it? That IS the actual size of the HDD in the Toshiba machines the CBS piece is showing.

The premise is ludicrous.
The PCs and servers in a company are much more likely to be compromised because they actually do archiving.

If it makes you feel better most copier companies do offer removal of the HDDs for secure destruction by the customer but that involves a service charge for the replacement HDD including labor and hardware because the machines returned to the leasing companies must actually function.

Space Elf
Mullica Hill, NJ
reply to concerned
snooping the drive in a copier is not exactly on my top priority list. If I got used business machines I would rather snoop the hard drives on the PCs or if I got a used server I certainly would snoop that before a format and install of my own stuff.
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