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Just Bob
Spring Hill, FL
reply to Blackbird

Re: Reddit co-founder Aaron Swartz found dead.

I have no doubt the prosecutors said that at one time, but the door was unlocked and there was no sign restricting access to the wiring closet. The trespass charge was dropped.

As to the unlocked door, that isn't uncommon. I knew a guy who found a door to a vertical cabling truck, leaned over to see what was down there, and fell in head first. Computer operators on the first floor had to rescue him. Embarrassing.

As to hacking, not so much. He did have to change his MAC address at one point. He wrote a script to automate downloading the articles to which he had legal access.

He may have violated the JSTOR TOS. Two federal courts have ruled on that issue in other cases. One court called violating the terms of service a crime. The other disagreed. If TOS violation is now a federal crime, we have a very large criminal class. That is an issue that must be resolved.
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