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N California
reply to gweidenh

Re: BYOD - Ting

said by gweidenh:

The service quality is the same. I have noticed absolutely no difference in quality or network speeds.

While some MVNO's do indeed get inferior service, the Ting contract as discussed on their blog states that they get the same service level as Sprint customers themselves.

Customer service on the other hand is dramatically better. A person picks up the phone on the first ring!

The only disadvantage is no data roaming. Voice and Text will roam on the Verizon network, however Data must be on the Sprint network.

They have talked about this in great detail on their site and are quite transparent that data roaming costs are very high compared to in-network data costs.

Another advantage is that you can tether to your laptop for no additional fee. I believe Sprint charges $29/month to be a hotspot.

Thank you for the follow-up.

I found a $50 Ting coupon (for those who are interested, please google it) and ordered the refurbished LG Marquee for $87 (plus tax).

It's currently on back order (2-3 weeks) and the $50 will apply towards service when the phone is activated, so after taxes and service credit, the cost of the phone is $43.97.

AndroidForums.com : Marquee - All Things Root.

For those who are interested, the $50 Ting coupon ends on Jan 14, 2013.

On Jan 15, 2013, all Ting end user offers are reduced to $25.