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Topeka, KS
reply to Cptbeatstix

Re: Tank reforging.

said by Cptbeatstix:

So I've been thinking about this a lot and I'm thinking about doing a "control" reforge for my tank gear on my warrior. Right now, I'm pure avoidance with 46% just sitting there and about 116% with shield block up.

What do you guys prefer, control reforge or avoidance reforge. I do great in LFR by not taking a crap load of spike damage. I always get a healer that whispers me something like "Thanks for not being a squishy tank.

Not being a squishy tank is more a "skill in using cooldowns" issue and not a stat weight issue. I've had people tell me the same thing on my monk.

That said, I like having hit/expertise capped on my tanks, regardless of class. Why? Well, Vengeance is one. If Blizz is gonna give me free AP, I want to be able to use it. The other is that (iirc) every tank class now gets resources from actually hitting the mobs. You use these resources to reduce the damage you take. If you miss with an ability, no resource, and you're going to potentially take more damage.

There's nothing more annoying than missing your "big resource" ability several times in a row. Is it likely? No, but you remember every time it happens. Plus, while threat redirects exist, if you're in a 10-man, you might not have one. Or two, if the fight has mobs that need to be tanked apart, or at least not both on the same tank. Taunt only lasts 6 seconds, which is 4 specials. Fewer taking into account time the mob takes to get to you. Before I switched to hit/exp capping in Cataclysm, missing three attacks after a taunt wasn't likely, but devastating when it happened. Since then, I've enjoyed things a lot more, and things just feel smoother.
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