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Oakland Gardens, NY
reply to Vamp

Re: [Northeast] Has anyone else ever had this problem?

I've had this problem as well. Still not resolved, even after they closed the ticket. Download speeds suffer, upload unaffected. Recently it looks like I am getting around a litte more than half my download speed during the evening, so better than what I was getting, but still not fixed. I do find it curious that every time I have called about the issue, the tech's are always unaware of the issue. It almost seems like Verizon does know of the issue, but doesn't want to tell people it is something they can't fix, or don't want to fix. Odd!


Springfield, PA
OK, I am curious if we get similar Speedtest.net results.
Many sites are fine, others are way off the chart bad:

Here is one (I am 75/35) - so I should never see a download
speed like that. If you get a really bad speed that makes
zero sense, report it here.

1/14/2013 12:17 AM GMT 72.78.xx.xx 1.36 Mb/s 6.27 Mb/s 45 ms New York, NY ~ 100 mi

It seems to be time/load dependent. And it may not
be Verizon's equipment, but should be some way to figure
this out.

This is more typical, it's not me and it's probably not you:

1/6/2013 7:31 PM GMT 72.78.xx.xx 84.22 Mb/s 13.03 Mb/s 28 ms Baltimore, MD ~ 100 mi