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Clarendon, TX
reply to KK2011

Re: Need advise on what to do....

You can try contacting the support staff in the 'Direct' forum. But chances are you'll just get "We don't know." or a repair date that will turn out to be a lie.

If there's no competition in your town, you have no choice, you need to either take what WS gives you, or give up the net.

I'm in the same position as you, I work from home and require the net during business hours, and I don't get even 1mbit, with disconnects twice an hour all day long.

And no, sorry there is no legal recourse, the Terms of Use specifically spells out that they promise no speed, or error free service.

EDIT: For the record, I'm posting on this forum using dialup now. Its far more stable than the windstream dsl, and at least allows me to check my email.


Dawsonville, GA
Other than dial up there is the option of hughesnet; internet by satellite. But the services is expensive.


It also appears that you are limited on how much you can use your connection.