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reply to JALevinworth

Re: "Envelope on Door" Identity Theft Scam Attempt

said by JALevinworth :

Also: I think some of the people who had been posting about being harassed by this number (15 times a day), may also had been receiving spoofed calls from this number too, besides possibly legit. (Can't see BoA doing the calls 15 times a day thing some are claiming). Who knows.

Would BofA intentionally call someone xx times in one day?
Absolutely not.
Could BofA's autodialer call someone xx times in one day.
Absolutely yes.
I don't know which software BofA uses for it's autodialing but I am familiar with auto dialing systems where it's not too difficult to screw up the configuration/DB's resulting in what's commonly referred to as 'phone bombing'.
Even tough phone bombing generally refers to a malicious use, it does happen in legit systems from time to time.

As minute a chance that BofA would be responsible for the unintentional phone bombing of one of its customer, that would be more likely to occur than someone receiving a legit call plus a spoofed call from BofA in the same day or even month for that matter, IMO.

The more I think about this, the more I wonder about the veracity of the original article.