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Kanata, ON
reply to hybrid_r

Re: [Cable] Peak hours SUPER slow!

It varies from area to area depending of congestion. In Rogers land, I believe Teksavvy can only ensure that POIs have enough capacity and area congestion is all on Rogers.

There are usually too many customers on the same node, so congestion during peak hours is likely. Add to the fact that Netflix has the SuperHD service now on both Rogers and TSI that puts way more load on the network than before. Consider that more and more people switch to streaming services like IPTV, plus more Youtube users. Consider that with all network upgrades that Rogers did this year, they keep raising everyones speeds essentially not helping the load one bit.

I know for a fact that if you're a Rogers customer and you can get them to see the network congestion (they run a speed test to modems in your area with you on the phone with them), you can get them to create a ticket to eventually fix the congestion issues - I've done this twice before.

That said, I think Teksavvy should be able to get them to resolve congestion issues in the area as well. If the problem only occurs during peak hours, it could be pretty difficult to get Rogers to fix it, since they absolutely LOVE to verify the issue in off-peak hours, which quickly results in a resolved ticket without them doing anything.

If you're a Rogers customer, you can call the next time the issue occurs and get them to confirm again and make a note for the technician this time. With Teksavvy, there is no such option, which is where I think this service fails. The whole 48 hrs email thing for issues is the biggest BS I can think of - it essentially does not allow Teksavvy support to do their job properly.


Marc, I know we've been over this before a while ago, but there must be something you can do with CRTC to push for better support?