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Re: [Need Info] iDEN Ending June 30, Must Buy New Phone

Excellent information about the frequencies used by these carriers--thank you!

iDEN was great (and still is). I have 3-4 bars at the house. I also have an AT&T LG 390 phone, but it probably doesn't do the 850 band, because it has no service inside the house. Works great on the front porch with 4-5 bar signal though.

The LG Venice that my wife bought me for Xmas has no signal in the house. The network identity menu shows a signal strength of -128dBu in the house.. outside it's in the -86 range. Just 900' up the road, standing in the driveway of the cell tower, I get 6 bars.

I've tried to set up Google Voice to use my cell number, but the confirmation call never rings the phone and goes straight to voice mail. If I call the phone from a regular phone, it DOES ring, so something's off kilter with Google Voice's system, so I can't confirm the number and set up an account. But I was thinking along the same lines of using my wi-fi to place calls from home. This new phone is hearing aid compatible, so I can use my hearing aids like Bluetooth devices and be hands free. Something my i450 flip phone can't do. Have to use the wired headset, which gets in the way all the time.

I'm resigned to the lack of signal problem, so I've been looking into a Wilson cell booster system. I'm considering the 801247 Signal Booster from Wilson Electronics, which seems to get good marks from users of the system. This will solve my building penetration problem. But to solve the 1650% increase in monthly bill is another problem entirely. I cannot afford their $55/monthly bills. My present plan with them is costing me $3.33/month and 10 cents/min.