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« Just encourages piracy..
This is a sub-selection from Vicious circle

Jason Levine
reply to Camelot One

Re: Vicious circle

You're absolutely right. I also think the problem with both the RIAA and MPAA is one of control, not piracy. They want control over everything from the creation of the music/movie to where and how the people view it. Technology gives people freedom to watch movies and listen to music in many more ways. It also helps to make the RIAA/MPAA irrelevant which (of course) frightens the heads of the RIAA/MPAA. Therefore, instead of allowing this freedom to drive more sales - and possibly lead to their demise, the RIAA/MPAA try to tighten their control over the technology to slow down any progress and bleed as much money as they can out of the system for as long as they can.

Ironically, had they embraced technology instead of fighting it, the RIAA would have come up with a good online music solution during the Napster era. This would have prevented the whole file-sharing fight before it started and we'd likely be getting all of our movies/TV shows online from MPAA-Net now.
-Jason Levine