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Tucson, AZ
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Re: Tucson Arizona Service:

Oops I didn't mean to say every month. Seems 34megs better then 27 average powerboost only works for few minutes then slows down reason why I asked about pricing cause I wanted to see what my options are I need it for highdef getting bigger and bigger.

Every time I put in my address it says nothing avail at my location which is not possible I live in high speed area I'm not much of tv person just want fast net I just wanted to get idea on pricing. I do use google a lot to search for topics none come back for Tucson just phoenix that metro.

Thanks for all help

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Las Vegas, NV
Try putting in an address that is close to you and see if you get any response. Or just call them.

If I put in my address, it comes back with nothing available except business class (40mb). DSL is available on my street as some of my neighbors have CL (10mb).

When I call the Vegas CL office and ask for the 40mb plan it is not available. But if I ask for DSL + Prism, suddenly I can get both (40mb); but not just DSL (40mb). All that I can get is 10mb.
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Both my wife and I are teleworkers so for redundancy we have both 40 mb and cox 20 mb. For us the 40mb is consistent at about 30 mb while cox often drops as low as 6 - 8 mb at certain times of day. Sometimes cox has dropped to 1 - 2 mb. For us it is very consistent. We now treat it as dialup backup and both use the 40 mb dsl

FWIW - we have looked at cox's Ultimate service (we have a cox approved docsis 3.0 modem) but given our experience with the 20 mb service and the fact that cox wants to force a service call on us just to turn it on we have decided to stay with the 40 mb dsl.