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Rochester, MI

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Better Customer Service?

I'm not sure whether I should consider this better customer service than a month ago (last time I contacted WOW!), however this past weekend, I was "only" on hold for 15 minutes before getting through to a representative. I wanted to add Showtime/TMC back onto my package and the representative was very courteous, very helpful and within less than 5 minutes had everything done as I requested. Everything went smoothly, I'm happy to report. This is in contrast to the last time I called for service which required me to stay on hold for 50 minutes and the time before that (about a month before) when I called for service which required me to stay on hold for 2-1/2 hours.

Hopefully, this is a trend and the hold times will continue to drop back to where they were prior to WOW! purchasing the 2 other companies that they recently acquired and "upgraded" their billing system. Looked at other providers over the last month, but still couldn't quite get myself to move back to Comcast or try out Uverse or one of the others available in my area. Decided to give WOW! some time and the benefit of the doubt and hopefully they'll live up to my faith in them as a decent provider of my cable tv and high speed Internet. Time will tell.