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Providence, RI
reply to biggbrother

Re: Upgraded to Quantum 50/25 But Still Need to Improve Wireless

Honestly this just has me baffled.

In my house we have multiple wireless devices:

2 Galaxy Nexus
2 Nexus 7
1 Asus Infinity TF-700
1 Dell Windows 7 laptop

I have an Android app called "Network Monitor Mini" »goo.gl/Ki49a which tells me my data speeds real-time. When YouTube is used on all devices except the laptop, data speeds fluxute between 500 Kbps and 2 mbps download. This causes frequent loading and buffering of HQ video in YouTube.

However, If I open up Netflix or Hulu Plus, the monitor shows me pulling 15-20mbps, and I see not buffering or loading. This would lead me to believe that YouTube just sucks.

However, the Windows 7n laptop is able to stream 720p and 1080p fine over the same wifi connection with no buffering.


Brewster, NY
When i had my install yesterday tech told me not all websites are ready yet to support verizons speeds.