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Cisco Kid

reply to k2rj

Re: Samsung DVR Probs & Ques

You are alone. Other then the re-Booting issue, I have experienced the same issues with my Cisco 8742 DVR's; I have two. Both my Boxes started acting up following the Black\Gray Software Update. Last night I sat down to watch a 1 hour show recorded last week....it played for 2 mins and stopped. The Information showed a full hour had been recorded(the Blue bar showed a Full hour).... I tried to ReStart the show, same results. Because of the various issues recording, not recording, freezing on both my Boxes......I have duplicated the same set of Shows on both my DVR's. The show we couldn't watch was not out on On Demand...but I was able to watch the show off my other 8742. I realize I am wasting lots of space having both record the same shows, but the issues I have experienced as well as others have taught me to have a Back-up. I can add, I got these 8742's within a week or so of when BHN was installing them so they came with the Prior Blue\Yellow Guide and never experienced any issues until after the new Black\Gray Guide was installed .....

Could this due to bugs in the new Guide?

The New Guide software Install not installing properly?

The software not suited well for the Hardware?

BHN tech both Inside and onSite have checked lines, levels....etc and all check in the green. I have even swapped locations of the Boxes so they were working on different lines and TV's..... Watching Normal TV is great...no issues.

I fully expect to hear from others that will dispute this assumption......but the facts are what they are...... I have had BHN DVR's from the day they were released, never experienced any issues....until following the Black\Gray Software update.

These issues are not just isolated to one particular DVR Model as supported by various Posts.

I am fully confident that the people at BHN are working on these issues and fixes will be forthcoming...I just hope it will be sooner than later.......

Cisco Kid

To K2rj........I am sure you realized I meant to start my reply to you by writing "You are NOT alone"...sorry

BHN Staff
Saint Petersburg, FL
said by Cisco Kid :

To K2rj........I am sure you realized I meant to start my reply to you by writing "You are NOT alone"...sorry

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