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Re: [General] Why don't BYOD providers offer provisioning?

Voip.ms wiki- »wiki.voip.ms/article/Devices


Scarborough, ON
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Those are config instructions. I think what the OP is asking for is some kind of form where you could enter your ATA's MAC address and IP address and it will configure the ATA for you.
A couple of the providers I know who have this feature are 3Web and Ring Central.
The Voxilla web site used to have a tool like that for several providers, I am not sure if they still do.
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Hancock, NH
Right, Toro. I know how to configure stuff manually.

But, wouldn't it be cool to go pick up an IP phone, pick a BYOD provider, read a web page that tells me WHERE to put my provisioning URL, and go.

BTW, there's no need, typically, for the MAC or the IP address -- that is determined when the phone connects.. Typically the provisioning URL has a macro like $(MAC) in it (but the end user does not need to know that.)

I'm just trying to understand why the BYOD providers don't offer this. It would seem to open the market to a much wider audience. Those of us who know how to set up a phone -- we enjoy the benefits of BYOD, but it seems to limit the market for others.

I'm wondering if this makes them a "phone company" and opens them up to paying more taxes and fees?

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